Successful businesses already leverage the Internet; building internationally recognised online brands and communicating effectively to ensure their survival in a rough global economy. It's about more than simple online presence though, digital technologies enable business leaders to steer their companies towards achieving lower operating costs, higher levels of profitability and greater presence in the marketplace. A digital business with a developed and recognizable brand is a strong business.

Digital / technology / web mavens have traditionally been served by conferences held in Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool and London. We've seen and experienced a groundswell of excitement and activity about the online / digital world from people in our region. Hull Digital meets monthly, bringing together 40+ of the leading technologists, media professionals and business thinkers from the region, we talk, we pool our skills and knowledge and we get things done. Hull Digital Live 2009 is where we expand our horizons and share our vision with the world. From web designers and developers to online marketing experts and optical networking gurus, we already have internationally successful people, businesses and resources… it’s time to get organised!

Hull Digital is committed to the promotion of our city as a business centre with unrivalled potential. We recognize the geographic advantage, Hull is a natural gateway between Britain and continental Europe, and we want to combine our love of technology with the ambition of making our city a wonderful place to live and work.

We believe that by building the Hull Digital community and bringing together business and technology leaders we can realize this ambition and enjoy the benefits of living and working in a city with a strong and vital digital economy and recognition throughout the world as a great place to do business. Hull Digital Live 2009 brings internationally recognized speakers to our city, to inspire, entertain and make clearly visible to all that the business community in Hull has the will to exploit technology to stimulate commerce and pioneer digital development. For anyone with an interest in business or technology it's going to be a fantastic event, and if your business needs to do more with technology / digital / web, (and who's doesn't?) then you cannot afford to miss it.

Objectives of the Conference

Hull Digital Live will be the first Digital and Technology conference in the city, with expert speakers from Europe and North America, providing insight, ideas and value to people who want to make the most of technology to help their business succeed.

The conference will also:

  • Provide regional and National PR for the City, speakers and sponsors/partners
  • Create excitement and focus on the digital and technology space in the region
  • Help regional businesses become more successful by embracing the digital space
  • Enable students to attend, learn and get excited about the opportunities in the digital work place
  • Enable local businesses to advertise what they are doing and how they can help

BBC Radio Humberside Breakfast Show interview.

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John Moss

Who is behind Hull Digital Live?

Jon Moss runs the marketing consultancy,, which he started after 11 years working for a FTSE100 company.

He founded Hull Digital, Kingston Upon Hull's Digital and Technology community in January 2009, and speaks regularly as a marketing / technology and online commentator at events and on the radio. He works with key stakeholders across the region on the Digital Infrastructure of Yorkshire and Humber, and as Digital Director / Advisor for a number of successful national agencies, both in the North and in London. -

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Contact me - [email protected] - 07841 285 185

Having been involved with the online world, marketing and technology for many years, I looked for a digital community in the city and found none. Hull Digital was then set up over Christmas last year, and we had the first MeetUp in January.
Expecting a handful of people, it was great to see 25 turn up! We now have a regular monthly meeting which attracts people from Hull, the surrounding area, Leeds and Lincolnshire. We have speakers talking about all aspects of the digital world, and it provides a superb way of meeting new people, networking, and discussing the region's digital infrastructure" - Jon Moss
Members are approachable, knowledgeable and willing to help Lots of experience in the group and you don't feel daft asking about stuff you don't know egos!"
Simple way to meet new people who may be useful contacts in business but done in a friendly informal way."
If you're interested in digital, technology, increasing your knowledge, getting to know people this is the meet for you! :-)"
Nothing else like it in the city for Hull's Digerati - and nobody is defining what that means too strictly so everyone with an interest has been made welcome - the genuine hospitality and welcome from all the hosts has been terrific!"