It's not often that you can look yourself in the mirror and say "that was a really enjoyable and useful day". We're confident however, that you will be able to do this after attending the conference. Whether you are a techno genius, or needing advice and direction in the online / digital world, you will come away from the day with lots of ideas, inspiration and having learnt something. So what are the speakers going to be talking about?
Rory Cellan-Jones

Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC Technology Correspondent)

Having met Rory Cellan-Jones last week, you can have a listen to what he is covering here.

Starting his BBC career as a researcher on the Leeds edition of Look North, he then worked in the London TV newsroom for three years before getting his first on-screen role at BBC Wales.

He later transferred to London and became the business and economics correspondent. After the dot com crash of 2000, he wrote the book "Dot.bomb". Since January 2007, Cellan-Jones has been the BBC's Technology Correspondent [1] with the job of expanding the BBC's coverage of new media and telecoms, and the cultural impact of the Internet.

Charles Arthur

Charles Arthur (Technology Editor - The Guardian)

Charles Arthur is going to be looking at how traditional and digital media are changing and how it effects everyone. As the Technology Editor of The Guardian, he is on the front line of this current battle ground.

Charles has been in journalism for 25 years, covering computing,technology, sports (tennis, golf and rock climbing) and health.

Since November 2005 he has been editor of Technology at The Guardian, overseeing the production of the weekly print supplement and the content of the Technology part of the Guardian website, and doing interviews for the Tech Weekly podcast.

Previously he freelanced for a year for The Register and other outlets; before that for nearly 10 years he was a science and technology writer at The Independent. In other jobs he has worked for New Scientist, Business magazine and Computer Weekly.

Anand Verma

Anand Verma ( Director of Digital Strategy - Sapient)

Anand Verma works at Sapient Interactive, the biggest independent digital agency in the world. With clients like Coca Cola and the Queensland Tourism Board (remember the Best Job in the World advert!?) He is going to talk about how digital is not just for the huge corporations and global brands.

In his role Anand works with some of the leading global brands to help define their digital strategy and implement the end-to-end digital propositions that ranges from content to commerce.

Some of his recent clients include Sky, MTV, TSL, Smith and Nephew and Auto Trader. Prior to Sapient, Anand worked at Microsoft, AKQA and Modem Media [now Publicis Modem]. He has special interest in social media and mobile application development.

Jaan Orvet

Jaan Orvet (noded.biz)

Jaan Orvet is a Swede living in San Francisco, and luckily visiting the UK too! He has co-written a book called Noded, "It is about a new way of working, a way that doesn't require you to turn your whole world on its head or to buy lots of things". His talk will show you how you can maximise your work and have fun doing it.

Jaan has a passion for good user experiences and improving the way people collaborate. He believes the way we work and the tools we use all affect our final deliverables. He wants to cut out complexity, do away with 'extras' and turn a blind eye to 'feature rich' in favour of clarity and simplicity. Jaan co-authored 'Noded – The untouchable business' with fellow Swede Andreas Carlsson.

In the Spring of 2009 Internetworld magazine listed Noded together with Twitter, Apple, Nintendo Wii, and Threadless as companies and ideas that "got it right" and are leading the way to the future.

Kai Gait

Kai Gait (Digital Commerce Marketing Manager GSK)

Kai Gait works for GlaxoSmithKline, one of the biggest pharma companies in the world. Pharma is currently in a dilemma. They have a highly regulated environment where every move, every piece of communication is monitored, has more sign offs than a Gordon Brown statement, and is always under the microscope from competitors. Kai will be highlighting the watch outs for digital communication.

Kai joined GlaxoSmithKline in 2008 as Digital Commerce Marketing Manager, heading their digital team to deliver the integrated digital strategy to drive the business in a rapidly changing, highly restrictive and competitive environment.

Kai is obsessed with gadgets, cars and watches and spends most of his spare time falling over useless, out-of-date technology that litters his house much to the despair of his wife.

Mark Rock

Mark Rock (CEO and Founder of Audioboo and Best Before)

Mark Rock is the man behind Audiboo, a superb mobile application for audio blogging. Stephen Fry, Rory Cellan-Jones are amongst the many people who use it. Mobile is growing, and is more and more important, and Mark will be giving us an insight into the powerful nature of this new technology and how it can help your business stand out.

Mark, Best Before's founder, was previously co-founder of design & technology company, Static 2358 Limited.

As well as running a successful broadcast design agency [FilmFour, Channel 4, Sky One and Star TV in Asia], Static owned & operated the interactive TV games Channel, PlayJam, on Sky & Cable in the UK, TPS & Canal+ in France and Cablevision in the US. Static had successful financing rounds with Sky, HSBC and Casenoves before being sold to ITV middleware provider Open TV in 2001 for $60m.

Mike Butcher

Mike Butcher (UK and Europe Editor - Techcrunch)

Mike Butcher is one of the most influential people in the UK and Europe. Techcrunch is THE website for keeping up to date with the online world. He is going to be making sure you don't delay your startup idea / company any further, and make it a success.

In July 2008 Mike was put at No. 47 out of the Top 100 people in London's creative industry the UK by The Independent newspaper and The Hospital Club. He has appeared on BBC News, Sky News, Channel 4 and Bloomberg, commenting on technology and new media. In August 2008 TechCrunch UK was named the best "Web 2.0 and business blog" in the UK, by the readers of Computer Weekly magazine. He is the current Editor of Techcrunch UK.

Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer (Branded07)

For Rob Palmer, to be named as 'one of the top 30 most influential people in web design' was a huge honour, and you can see why - he designed the conference website! For individuals, companies, and brands, big and small, the web is now the first point of contact for many customers and prospects. Your customers and prospects. Rob is going to show you the vital features of sites that work, as well as what you need to avoid at all costs.

Rob hails from Newcastle Upon Tyne and is a web and graphic designer and is famous for his Puffins. He is currently employed as a Senior Web Designer at Guerilla, a design agency in Newcastle, and in his spare time manages his personal blog and portfolio site, Branded07.

Stuart McFarlane

Stuart McFarlane (Yorkshire Forward)

Last but not least, Stuart McFarlane, Sector Manager, Digital and New Media, Yorkshire Forward. He is a key role in the region, ensuring that we can promote creative and digital business, show case what companies are doing, and help us keep on course to embrace the new digital world. He will be keeping us up to date with the exciting plans going forward.

Stuart joined Yorkshire Forward in November 2004 to head up the Creative & Digital Industries cluster team, one of 5 identified business sectors that have a significant effect on the economic development & growth of the Yorkshire & Humber region.

Stuart and his team look to develop strategy and influence both local & central Government policy that will stimulate the market for the CDI sectors in order to create jobs, improve skills, support businesses and develop business opportunities & benefits to bring economic prosperity to the region.

Stuart has been the lead over the past 3 years, for the Yorkshire Region in the development of the Creative Britain Report, and now has responsibility for the RDA commitments contained within the strategy document.